We first opened in 1982 as a one man operation and grew into a small family company. In those days, we had very limited equipment and operated from a small rented warehouse - but we always had a vision to deliver new innovations to the snack food market.
Now located in the western suburbs of Sydney, we operate in the most modern manufacturing facilities, using the latest technology in snack food processing and packaging, ensuring a range of quality snack foods which are second to none.
We have been a trustworthy and reliable supplier to the grocery and other retail sectors since 1982 and will continue to stay at the front of the market into the future.

Here at Gold Medal Snackfoods we consider Food Safety to be the paramount quality attribute of food so we have developed, and will operate, maintain, communicate, verify and update a Food Safety Management System based on ISO 22000-2005 Standard.
Our principle Objective is to consistently meet and exceed the requirements of our Customers and that our Products will comply with all Statutory and Regulatory requirements.
Gold Medal Snackfoods are committed to the highest standards of quality control through ongoing leadership in training, motivation, administrative support and positive attitudes, enhanced by modern and well maintained equipment.

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